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Tips On Dealing With A Bail Bonding Agency

Bailing a loved one out of jail is not likely to be on the list of things to do for many. When you get the call, however, you will probably drop everything so that you can take action for your loved one and get them released. Many will find themselves in unknown territory when dealing with bail bonds agents, so read on for some tips that will have your day back on schedule before you know it.

Attain Information – If your loved one did not provide you with the below information, phone the jail facility and find out:

  • The charges and counts.
  • The location of the facility (some inmates are moved to other facilities and you will need to know where they are being held now and later).
  • The amount of the bail, if known. You might have to wait until your loved one is arraigned or has a bail hearing before you find out the amount of the bail.
  • Case number, if assigned.

Do Some Research – This is no time to get ripped-off by a fake bail bonding agency. Do some online or telephone book research and note the agencies that advertise in the area near where your loved one is being held. Look for a license number and find out how long they've been in business.

Learn About Payment – Bail bonds work by guaranteeing a defendant will return to face court dates and other conditions. The bonding agent takes responsibility for the defendant upon payment of the fee or premium. With bail costing thousands, a bail bond can be had for a percentage of that amount. Find out how much will be charged, whether or not you need to present collateral, and about payment plans. If collateral is needed, you will need to provide a car title, real estate deed, or other items of value like jewelry. This in addition to the fee but collateral is not always necessary.

Obey Bail Conditions – If your loved one fails to obey conditions, they might be re-arrested. Additionally, if they disappear and fail to attend to their court dates, you might responsible for the full payment of the bail. To make sure this does not happen, keep close tabs on your loved one to make sure they obey these common bail conditions:

  1. Be on time for all court appointments. Failure to appear is another charge and bail will be revoked.
  2. Stay in the local area and avoid contact with victims or known criminals.
  3. Don't carry weapons.
  4. Don't get arrested again.

Once you locate a trustworthy bail bonding agency, your loved one will be released within the day, in most cases. Speak to a friendly bonding agent to find out more.