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Points To Keep In Mind When Selling Estate Jewelry

Do you own estate jewelry that you desire to sell? If so, you likely want to know the best approach to selling the jewelry. It is important to know what to do to get the best price for your jewelry and to ensure that the process if not disastrous. The following points are beneficial in understanding how to approach the estate jewelry sales process.

Clean the Jewelry

If you do not clean the jewelry in advance, it affects how potential buyers view the items. Cleaning estate jewelry with a mild soap and water is one effective way to clean the jewelry. However, there are jewelry cleaners on the market. The issue is that some jewelry cleaners are abrasive and may damage some types of estate jewelry. For example, ammonia and chlorine-based cleaners may damage gems. Damaged items will likely produce lesser monetary offers. 

Ensure Safe Transactions

Sometimes individuals opt for private sales due to them getting a higher offer. This can be a dangerous and risky endeavor. For example, you could get robbed. Another mistake some individuals make is accepting checks. This is risky because the check could be fake. If you opt for a private sale, do it in a public place and only accept cash. This reduces the risk of someone taking advantage of you or harming you. You can avoid these risks by choosing to work with a professional business. 

Understand the Buyer

The type of sale you make will impact the characteristics and expectations of the buyer. A private buyer may want the estate jewelry for personal reasons. They will likely have no intentions of reselling the items. They may even be making the purchase(s) as a gift to someone else. Some buyers may also only be interested in one or two pieces from your collection. A business that buys estate jewelry does so to make a profit. This means that you may not get the offer you expect, but you can likely expect a more expedited sale. 

Consider Your Options

There are numerous options for selling estate jewelry. You must choose the one that works best for you. Businesses who buy jewelry will likely make an offer "on the spot." Private buyers may want to negotiate, which can be time-consuming. Some of them may even change their minds at the last minute. Auctions are another method of selling, but the process can be daunting. 

A company that buys jewelry is a good resource to use understand more about estate jewelry and getting a fair offer for your goods. They can also educate you on determining the actual value of the jewelry.