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3 Tips For Keeping Your Cool When You Suspect A Customer's Money Is Counterfeit

Businesses of all sizes need to be able to ensure that the money they receive from customers is legit. If you suspect that a customer is giving you counterfeit money, it's important to take immediate action, but you should be sure that the money is truly not legal tender before refusing to accept it. Use a counterfeit money detection pen to decide whether the money is okay, but be savvy and charming about how you handle suspicious customers to avoid a situation escalating when the customer is presenting legal tender.

Tip #1: Don't Announce Your Suspicions to the Customer

When you see money that you think may be counterfeit, don't tell the customer about your suspicions. Simply put a mark on the bills with the counterfeit money detection pen. It will let you know whether the bill is legitimate legal tender or not. If the money is fake, then you should follow your store's procedures for handling counterfeit money, but never state anything to the customer until the bad money is confirmed.

Tip #2: Walk Away for a Moment

If you suspect that the customer has given you money that is counterfeit, one of the best things you can do is walk away for a moment. Let them know that you will be right back. If they inquire about why or don't want you to go before finishing their transaction, be polite but firm. Simply state that you must go for a moment for professional purposes, but that you will return as soon as possible. If the customer has planned to cheat you of the items, they may then get the message and simply leave the store without the merchandise. If your store's management wants to detain them, they should keep an eye on them as soon as you walk away.

Tip #3: Don't Argue with the Customer

Keep in mind that sometimes customers are carrying counterfeit money at no fault of their own. Sometimes dollar bills get passed along in bank transactions and other monetary exchanges. Try to avoid any direct confrontation or argument. If the customer seems determined to argue, you may suggest to them that they speak with management. You should not engage with a customer who tries to pick an argument with you.

Finally, keep in mind that money detector pens for sale can empower you to fight back against counterfeit funds that customers may try to pass off as real money. They can help you protect the best interests of your business while stopping crime from having a negative impact in your community. Counterfeit money is a threat to any company, and the counterfeit money detection pen is one of the most affordable and effective tools you can use to fight against it.

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